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#BICF2018 - REGISTRATION (English ver.)

The committee allow every choir participants to register maximum two slot evaluation performances (Competition/ Championship) and participated in other 7th BICF 2018 activities.
– 1
The following documents MUST be submitted to the committee by e-mail to prior to the closing date of registration (subject: CHOIR NAME)
Registration form that has been filled out completely and correctly.
Payment receipt for registration fee with purpose: “Choir’s Full Name”
Your ( Choir ) social media account as one of easy way to get the information of 7th BICF 2018
 ( ex: )
– 2
Please submit the following documents by e-mail to AFTER your registration is confirmed by the committee: with email subject “Reg No. - Choir’s Full Name”:
Latest choir’s photo in best quality to be printed in the program book and posted on the website (min size 2M, 300 dpi, format JPG).
Latest Conductor’s photo in best quality to be printed in the program book and posted on the website (min size 2Mb, 300 dpi, format JPG)
Biography of choir in maximum 150 characters.
List of participant with their ages (Full name, Date of birth, Current age, Phone number/ Whatsapp)
Payment receipt for event package: include payment purpose “Your Choir’s Full Name”
For Choir Championship participant:
Audio recording/ link from youtube of choir performance from the last three year
Scan of certificate with total score 84,00 and above or 33,00 Gold Lv. IV and above from the last three years.
– 3
The following documents MUST be sent by via e-mail to before Tuesday, 06 February 2018 (subject: No.Reg- CHOIR NAME), therefore the committee can send the confirmation letter particularly for the program song and choir participants have maximum time for rehearsal and prepare for best quality performance:
Scan/ soft copy for each song for 7thBICF 2018 (Artistic Committee requirement)
– 4
The following documents MUST be sent by MAIL SERVICE to the secretariat of 7th BICF 2018 soon after get the confirmation step-3 from the committee later than Tuesday, 06 March 2018 :
5 exemplars of ORIGINAL MUSIC SCORE IN MUSICAL NOTES from each song that will be performed.
5 exemplars of original music scores (licence or public domain) with respective composer or arranger license that will be sung for each category. 
5 exemplars of music score from any free website.
• Program without committee approval can not be performed.
• The committee must be notified of key changes and changes in program order latest on Tuesday, 10 April 2018.
• The committee cannot process scores sent by e-mail.
All participants (singer, conductor, accompanist and official) who participate in the #7thBICF2018 must pay the Registration Fees and Event Package /person.
To choir participants from outside of Bali, the committee provide Event Package B, participation per person with accommodation, transportation and meals.
This Event packge include Participation Fee or 7th BICF 2018 participation fee and will get all facilities in EP-A (ID Card, T-Shirt and Program Book ) added with 
- Accommodation : 5 days 4 nights (check in after 14.00 and check out before 11.00 according to booking date)
- Airport Service : The committee only provides once time for pick-up on arrival and once for departure time according to confirmation date, and for additional request the committee will charge for extra pick up or departure.
- Transportation : City transport during the event package period. Bus usage to outside of committee schedule will be charged 50 USD per day.
- Meal : Once time on arrival. Three times during the usage of EP-B, and once time on departure
- LO / Guide        : LO/ guide available start from the arrival until departure as stated in the confirmation letter.
Package Package per Person for 5 Days / 4 Night (in USD)
Type of Accomodation
The committee will manage the allocation of participants accomodation.
If any participants need to extend, the extra charge per day per person will be informed separately.
4 Person
1 Room
3 Person
1 Room
2 Person
1 Room
1 Person
1 Room
DORM         Please bring personal toiletress.
ECO – 1         Hotel (*2) AC.  Limited for 200 pax.
Please bring personal toiletress.
ECO - 2         Hotel (*2) AC.  Limited for 200 pax. 
Please bring personal toiletress.
ECO - 3         Hotel (*2 /*3) AC.  Limited for 200 pax. 
Please bring personal toiletress.
BRONZE         Hotel (*2).  2 person per room.
SILVER         Hotel (*3).  2 person per room
GOLD         Hotel (*4).  2-3 person per room.
PLATINUM         Hotel (*5 / Beachfront).  2-3 person per room

*For pricing, please ask the committee 

20 USD OFF per person For payment EP-B before Tuesday, 09 January 2018
10 USD OFF per person For payment EP-B before Tuesday, 09 February 2018

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