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For me it was an amazing experience to see such diverse cultures in one place. I especially liked how the young generations of singers have reconnected with their own culture and tradition through choral music. Cooperation and especially the collaboration between choirs, musicians, singers from different cultures or different ages, were very interesting and it is something that you should keep and develop for the coming BICF sessions.

Arsène Kapikian - France 2013 07 - 2nd BICF

The sun of choral singing is rising strong in Indonesia - the land of a thousand smiles! Congratulations to the great success of BICF! Having adjudicated in Europe numerous time, I found myself in a very different atmosphere at the BICF – one that was warm, loving and full of smiles. I was deeply impressed by the sheer beauty of the rich and powerful voices of Indonesian choirs – voices that I’m envious to have in my own choirs. More often than not, the participating choirs were well prepared and of a high level. I’m privileged to hear singing that embodied a true sense of joy and purity of th

Toh Ban Sheng - Singapore 2013 07 - 2nd BICF

Brilliant choral performances, inspiring musical collaborations, new friendships, beautiful scenery - the Bali International Choir Festival is all these things and more. BICF provides an environment for participating choirs to cultivate their own artistry while learning from international clinicians, from Balinese artists, and from one another. I can think of no better place to share the joy and excitement of choral music with friends from around the world.

Emily Howe - USA 2013 07 - 2nd BICF

Bali International Choral Festival contains multiple wonderful elements that had left great memory imprint in me. From the moment of arrival until the second of departure, the beautiful landscape, the great hospitality and the wonderful SMILES from the working crew to the local people have never been less, that really makes me feel at home; The overall competitions are not that competitive artistically, but more like choral exchange activities, and all these came directly from the singers who took part in this event, perfectly interpreted the joy, the peace and the harmony, that to me was a wo

Lee Shiak Yao - Malaysia 2013 07 - 2nd BICF

This festival was for me a great cultural and musical discovery. Attend these events (concerts, clinics) was very interesting. I was impressed by the collaboration between Gamelan, Balinese dancers, Indonesian choir and the mix between traditional music and Mendelssohns repertoire. My biggest memory is the spontaneous meeting of seven choirs who have happily shared, exchanged, singing and dancing together. Thank you for these beautiful experiences.

Emmanuel Fontana - France 2013 07 - 2nd BICF

"Great event. This event has a good team. On these event we can gain knowledge about how to manage a choir, singing the technical development, program ion competition, good exercise technique. Hopefully in the next event more and more choirs from abroad who could participate so that we can be more sharing, measure the achievement from our choir "

Heskiel Manutty - Indonesia 2013 07 - 2nd BICF
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