The COVID19 pandemic is still not over, the victims are increasing and in various countries the situation is getting

worse and more frightening. Despite the various efforts made by the Government to overcome this Pandemic,

and various Health Protocols strictly enforced in many activities, it is still not possible to create activities that

gather large numbers of people.


For Bandung Choral Society, the COVID19 Pandemic situation is very difficult.  We cannot continue our mission

to promote the development of the Choir in Indonesia and the world.  All Concerts, Educational Programs,

Festivals and Competitions are canceled. Singing activities "normally" still cannot be carried out.  So many

financial and moral losses will have to be endured during this difficult time.  But the mental and musical stress and

difficulties were even greater.  The joy of singing, the joy of performing  works and enjoying all experiences of

interaction with friends and all art activists are just a hope and a dream.


We are grateful to the technology's establishment, so even though singing activities "normally" cannot be

carried out after more than one year of the COVID19 pandemic swept the world, the Bandung Choral Society

can still hold seminars, workshops, competitions and festivals online - virtual. Even though the "taste" is not

exactly the same as the previous activity, at least it is useful to be one of the sources for channeling the

passion for activity in the art of singing. So that the Choir members continue to sing and the Conductors,

Trainers and Choir Teachers can still teach the Choir.


Now, Bandung Choral Society is holding the 4th WORLD VIRTUAL CHOIR FESTIVAL on September

3-8, 2021. At this Festival, apart from competitions, we still complete various seminars and workshops to

continue the choir education mission.  In particular, we added the “Senior Choir” and “Senior Solo Singing”

Competitions to give the opportunity for senior citizens to be active and sing with joy.


We invite all of you to stay active and productive during this pandemic.  Singing can bring happiness to all of us.

Hopefully, by continuing to sing, we will all be happy, excited and healthy.